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Eru's Journal
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Sunday, December 12th, 2010
9:24 am
Morning amusements.

The Epic Love Story of Two Octopi.

Current Mood: charmed
Friday, December 10th, 2010
1:03 pm
Slow day.
Slow day at work means Eru opens Paint during her lunch break.

What happens then is purely a testament to my boredom and why I should never have brainspace unoccupied by productive thought for any length of time.

More importantly, awriter? Are you okay out there?

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
1:17 pm
Eeeeeeee, lunchbreak.
I have been at this desk for FAR too long. But apparently I'm going to be moved tomorrow? I will miss you, little desk.

I'm glad I didn't unpack all of the SlimFast shakes (Shut up, they're delicious and it's an easier way to ensure that I have appropriate nutrient content intake than tabulating the possible healthiness of everything I shove into my mouth. Plus, 2 shakes per day give me 100% of my calcium needs. Whoop!) into the desk drawer; that would have been QUITE a lot to move and it seems that the work-work is speeding up now that it's just before Christmas.

Today is the last class of Chinese before the new year! I'm a little sad, but hopefully I'll have some time to practice as well as study other subjects.

Math BlatherCollapse )

However, I would like to have some time to draw. I've got some crafting responsibilities to fulfill, so who knows when I can sit down again with the pastels?

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, November 11th, 2010
6:46 am
Calm, calm, I am calm...
Happy Veteran's Day!

Go appreciate a veteran!

Remember, your local post offices and banks will likely be observing today's holiday, and apparently many restaurants are offering free meals to those with military ID. Sweet.

Will be going with friends to the Renaissance Festival this weekend. Looking forward to seeing Mom. I've got a LOT of errands to run before leaving though, so thank goodness I've got tomorrow off.

Most important is dry food for Piper. Quentin has a brand-new ZuPreem bag, so he's set.

Current Mood: busy
Monday, November 8th, 2010
6:39 pm
I can has a bathroom wall?

Well. Most of it, anyway. The tile is all there in the shower once more, but the Naughty Spigot next to the toilet is still exposed.
I'm told the intention is to build an access panel over it.


I still want to drop stuff into the niche behind the wall. Little army men. Fake spiders. Googly eyes. A teeny poem-scroll.
Something neat for the scientists to find after the nuclear reactor explodes and they sift through the rubble 1000 years later to see what those quirky ancients got up to.

Current Mood: pensive
1:44 pm
Guerilla Artwork.
Went on a Magical Mystery Tour yesterday. Was the make-up-makeup-model for the sister after her previous model got REALLY sick the morning of a big cosmetics class.

She called me at what used to be 6:30am. I, being used to getting up at that ungodly hour, was already awake and luxuriating in the idea of sleeping in until dawn and being lazy for ALL of Sunday when she told me she needed a human face by 10 o'clock AM in another city that I'd never visited before.

Luckily my tank was practically full and GoogleMaps exists. It was a fun day!

I drew a picture of one of the other makeup models as a dancing flapper and gave it to her. My first random artwork in... I don't know how many weeks. It felt good. :) Unbeknownst to me while drawing, she's crazy about the Roaring Twenties, so ha! It'll be an appreciated book mark.

Mom had to take over for the night session because I'd already commited to 12th Night practice, but I got to see her for about 15 minutes before zooming back! Oh, Mom. &hearts

And before I forget! graymary, you have always reminded me of Maria Bamford. It's a compliment. :) Her office-oriented jokes are spot-on.

Current Mood: creative
Saturday, November 6th, 2010
1:01 pm
Mystery plants revealed!
Traditionally-- at least in my own little "Whee! I live alone!" kind of tradition-- weekend mornings have been devoted to puttering around in my windowsill garden.

I've had some successes, some surprises, and some strong contenders who never made it past the 3" seedling stage.
Because I'd forget to water them, aha-ha.

Now that I've been using the warm-up water from the shower, remembering to water the garden has not been an issue, and there have been more big leafy dynamos than dried-up little plants. The basil's gone crazy, the mint is even worse (Although it's MINT.), and now the chili peppers are looking festive.

The surprise this time was those mystery plants. They're green peppers! Like, big sweet cooking peppers! I'm not sure how big they're supposed to get before picking, but it's just neat to watch them grow.

Edit: Piper just jumped up next to me. In answer to my question, "What are you doing? &hearts " he proceeded to shove his head into my face in the "PET ME NOW" attitude. Had I been a mouthbreather, my mouth would be full of fur.

Piper, I don't think you want me to eat you. Unless you're planning to consume me from the inside once I have....
Friday, November 5th, 2010
6:48 am
November the Fifth.
Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everyone!

Break out the masks and the fireworks. :)

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, November 4th, 2010
1:54 pm
The Holey Wall of Eru's Wailing.
My bathroom is still full of gremlin holes.

The pipes work fine, but in order to clean them out, the plumber had to tear out the drywall in four places, one of which happened to be THROUGH the tiles in the shower. There have been brown trash bags applied via duct tape over the holes since Friday, October 29th.

Rest assured, I can get clean. I would be VERY upset if I could not get clean, as showers/baths are one of my favorite luxuries. Ever.

It's one aspect of Japanese culture that I absolutely adore- you take a shower to get clean, then you hop in a crazy-hot bath and SIT IN IT FOR HOURS. If you go to a resort, anyway. Then you get to run around in a soft yukata and play ping-pong. I love yukata. I love ping-pong. I love showers. I love BATHS.

I do not love ugly brown trash bags with duct tape where pristine tile should be. It works in a pinch, but it grates against my artistic sensibilities.

I believe I have been more than patient in waiting for the Holey Wall of Wailing to be "bricked over," as it were. If I must wait another week, I swear I will start putting scrolls and prayers in there, maybe even a little Guy Fawkes' doll if I'm feeling festive.

At the least, the Holey Wall of Wailing can't stop me from having fizzy foot-baths on Saturday morning! I HAVE FOOT TUBS THAT CAN GO ANYWHERE, MOOHOOHAHAH.
Even under the kitchen table while I eat my breakfast.


Current Mood: silly
Thursday, October 28th, 2010
1:34 pm
I should have Edward Gorey icons.
Really, really. Considering my childhood love of the man and his work, to not have icons glorifying Mr. Gorey seems a grievous oversight.

Tonight is a Chinese night! The universe has conspired to give me plenty of work that allows me to listen to the Mandarin CD-ROM without phone interruption, so hooray!

That makes the freaky backup of black water from the shower drain this morning slightly less unnerving. It says a lot about my thought processes that the first thing to spring to mind when first observing the black, charcoal-like sediment coming forth from the watery exit was: "Oh CRAP, what ghost have I pissed off? Should I go get the salt?" Then, "I really don't have time for this."
(I'd like to take a moment to write a note to my Future Self: Next time that something freaky and home-oriented happens to you when you've been as stressed as you have been recently, call in and take the day off to deal with it. You'll feel much better.)

Upon reaching work, I sent an e-mail to the maintenance department for my apartment complex. When returning home, I'll go to the head office to check up on progress. Hopefully they'll have figured out what the issue is. I shall remain optimistic unless I return home to a bathroom sporting an orphaned toolbox and a tub full of black, brackish water that goes "glub."

Should that happen, I'm sealing off the bathroom with salt, grabbing the cat and the bird, and getting the hell out of there. I've got iron mercy spikes in my purse. Perhaps I ought to move them to my hair before I go inside, so access to weaponry is easier.

Any thoughts, friendslist?

An Aside: I can't figure out whether it was the meathooks or the cat that created this cut on my cheek last night. It's too shallow to be the cat, though he loves to go for my face whenever he can. It was probably the meathooks. I need to weight them so the chain doesn't overtake them.

Current Mood: busy
Friday, October 22nd, 2010
1:14 pm
One hour past noon...
It seems that the bulk of my LJ time happens in that teeny time window between 12:30ish and 1:30ish.

I am so thrilled that it's Friday, but also relatively apprehensive for the sheer excitement of the weekend. So. Much. To do. Including cutting some plastic covers for my car seats, as I'm sure the zombies will be covered with blood and I'd rather not have red goo stuck to my car.

Must also clean house and acquire candy.

Cleaning out the fridge would be nothing but helpful as well.

Also, dress. I've finally given up and decided to follow the pattern exactly, save for the pinafore, as I really do not have the sewing prowess in order to freeform create something tailored a la bodice. Yet. Practice makes perfect. I also need to unearth the French curve and utilize all the lovely cutting implements Mother gave me.
Heat up the iron and all that jazz.

If the skirt doesn't fall free enough to my personal specifications, I'll just sew in more fluff later.

I should have gotten a smaller corset at Faire so it could actually take away bulk rather than leaving me with a mere loss of an inch after the boning and fabric added in their two cents. Then again, the problem likely lies with my straight ribcage. Those bones aren't moving for anyone unless an Anyone tries to break 'em to get them to move, and... no. Not my style.
If only it had worked! Then I could be period-appropriate under the dress and still have room to move.

Maybe next year. :)

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, October 21st, 2010
1:42 pm
I am awesome, for last night I was able to attend Midsummer Night's Dream and NOW IT IS DONE. Yay!

So even if I go mildly insane with sewing by Friday, I will still have seen Small Person from NCRF perform the role of Hermia, and my big-sisterly-supportive instincts will have been satisfied. :)

Although if I do manage to pry myself from the sewing machine to see the production for a second time (It's quite an enthusiastic high school production, though I think I was horribly spoiled by my own high school and the others surrounding Winston-Salem while I attended.), it will be interesting to see the play from a different seat.

Small Person was easily in the top five of talented cast members; thankfully Titania and Nick Bottom are also counted in that number. Puck tries hard and has a few cute moments, but I think a fairy boot camp for the whole cast could have really made the play. Sometimes you just need something to YANK away your human sense of shame in order to become a great performer, and Oberon in particular remained grounded in humanity. He had a good voice when he remembered to project, however. Nice solemn tones.

Then there was the issue of getting the cast to SLOW DOWN with Shakespeare's words. XD They were so excited! Yet even people in the audience who know Shakespeare's work (Such as myself.) had trouble following the lovers' lines. All in all, the play within a play was the most clearly said of the bunch, and their Nick Bottom was a riot.

We must ask Small Person what she thinks of his personality outside of the theatre, and if she approves of his daily behavior, we should steal him for Faire.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, October 17th, 2010
1:25 pm
So yesterday was extremely busy!

We went to Hancock's fabrics and got a LOT of gorgeous pieces despite the plethora of 100% polyester we had to scrounge through. There's a particular 5-yard length of green upholstery fabric that will have to wait in the craft room until my sewing skills enable me to create new designs; unfortunately it's just a yard shy to make a noble's dress from the pattern I have, but I figure I can get a skirt and sleeves out of it when I eventually learn to design and execute my own patterns.

Also found a pattern with puffed sleeves, which is necessary in order to make something very near and dear to my heart.

However, the star of the day has to be the royal blue fabric worked with a subtle leaf pattern that will be used for a pirate doublet. Given that this ambitious doublet design will be a two-sider with the other side being a rich shade of red velveteen, I'd say we'll have ourselves one richly dressed pirate. Thankfully he won't have to be richly dressed until some time in January, so all of this sewing won't need to be finished until then.

Hilariously enough, the traditional Chinese music performance was full by the time we arrived (Very popular!), so the entertainment of the night became: The Expendables.

As a movie, it was exactly what it advertised itself to be and was thoroughly entertaining. Many things exploded. There was a cool chick with lots of guts-- and not the stereotypical lots of cleavage. She didn't shoot anything, but I think she was the bravest (Read: Most Awesome) character in the whole movie. There was even an oddly sympathetic drug-lord/dictator!
Also there was Jet Li fighting Dolph Lundgren, the sheer geeky brilliance of which I can't even articulate.
Did I mention that many things exploded? That... might be an understatement.

Sometimes a trip down Testosterone Lane can be fun.

Edit: Today has been busy, too!

Went to archery practice, where we shot VOLLEYS.

As in, shoot at a 45-degree angle, let your arrow get some air, go as AS FAR AS YOU CAN. It was absolutely amazing. We're talking an increase from about 20 yards to about 75, and that was just with 30-35 pound bows, unpracticed shooters, and a side wind.

Yes indeed, volleys would have taken most of the energy out of a cavalry charge. Most of the people, too.

After that was dinner at Crazy Fire, the re-discovery of Rugged Wearhouse (which has moved from its old location), and a fruitful trip to Marshall's, where a Stubbs the Zombie brown fedora was finally procured after years of searching.

Now, I am tired and will relax by observing humor and decomposing bodies on Hulu. That is, I will watch the latest episode of Bones.

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, October 16th, 2010
12:56 pm
I laugh in the face of Danger! Now I just have to find Danger...
A Pallas cat makes me so happy.

Full-on EPIC CAT.

I've decided that my icons need a desperate re-vamping; I only have a handful that I like to use, and the rest don't really feel like "me." Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly when I'll find the time for icon-building of this magnitude.

I'm meeting a friend to go fabric shopping at 2:30pm, and then there's the Chinese music performance that I want to go to. Sadly, many people have had to RSVP in the negative, as they are out of town and only heard about the concert last-minute. I was hoping to pull a big group together, but last minute things must fall to previous plans. Next time I will be more prepared!

Of course, it doesn't help that the monthly bout of feeling lousy is here. I've channeled it into positive story-building for the morning, but I've got to take a shower soon after the daily gardening (Ah, shower. &hearts) and so the creative juices have slowed...

The laundry has also moved into manageable proportions! Yay! I just... need to fold it all now. And maybe put it away? Somewhere? Preshrinking costume fabric takes a long time, you guys.

This means I'll have to clean out a tub or two to make way for a) costume pieces, b) costume cloth, and c) out-of-season clothes (Though the out-of-season clothes can wait a little while.). Not sure when that will happen, as there's also an archery practice session organized for tomorrow at 2pm, and even a spirited morning session of cleaning and re-arranging will have to be paused. I ought to root through the tubs before practice anyway; my arm guard is somewhere lurking in one, and my arm DOES require protection from the bowstring.

Otherwise, ouch.

Probably ought to steam the feathers on my arrows, too. They're looking a little peaky.


I have NEVER used the Full emoticon before! Cue fanfare!

Although not very accurate. I've only had half an Odwalla Mocha-walla bar so far today, but the coffee in it REALLY gets my heart going.

Hoo boy.

Current Mood: full
Friday, October 15th, 2010
6:52 pm
I love my kitten.
No, he's not really a kitten.

But he IS my furry baby and he seems to have some sort of instinct as to when I am feeling unwell (even slightly so), at which point I'll look up from a reverie of half-hearted misery to find a furry grey ball curled up next to my hip and staring as malevolently at the glowing screen of the computer as Greebo would do, as if THE COMPUTER is the hated thing that is upsetting Mommy.


My heart melts and whatever it was that was upsetting me isn't important anymore. &hearts

Kitten, kitten, you violent, demented little monster.
All mine. &hearts
At least until the food runs out. &hearts

At which point, you will try to eat me. &hearts

I love our battles.

Yes, non-cat people, most cat people are this insane. Remember: "Dogs have owners, cats have staff."

Current Mood: blissful
3:46 am
One of these days, I must install a pinyin dictionary into my computer...
Si shi si,

Shi shi shi,

Shi si shi shi si.

Si shi shi si shi.

I'm pretty sure that last line means "40 is 40" (at least it would with correct tones), but it's nearly 4am and I'm a bit bleary. :D

What a tongue twister!

(Chinese makes everything better. Really. Liu Laoshi is a very kind person, and so is everyone else in the class.)

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, October 14th, 2010
12:47 pm
Hey you guys!
Here's something fun for those in the area:

Greetings from the Confucius Institute!

We invite you to attend a FREE Chinese Folk Music Performance on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 7:30-9:00pm at Titmus Theater in Thompson Hall at NC State University.

The Music Department of Nanjing Normal University will be performing traditional Chinese music (guzheng, flute, erhu, yangqing) for you to enjoy and experience.

Please feel free to share this information with your department, colleagues, students, etc.

FREE and open to the public

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Time: 7:30-9:00pm
Place: Titmus Theater in Thompson Hall at NC State University
FREE and open to the public

Sponsored by the Confucius Institute at NC State University

The last exhibition I went to was WONDERFUL. The only drawback is that... I think the Raleigh zombie walk is this Saturday. Or maybe it's next Saturday. I hope it's next Saturday, because if it is, I can do both!

Darn October, full of fun things to do!

Edit: Oh, it looks like the thing that is happening this weekend is a warehouse sale at Hancock's Fabrics, not a zombie walk.
This means I can grab some discount fabric for 12th Night costumes, and maybe some notions.

Current Mood: busy
Monday, October 11th, 2010
6:12 am
Went to JoAnn's Fabrics on Sunday morning RIGHT WHEN it opened in order to purchase 45" muslin for a buck a yard. Grabbed a bunch of remnants, too.

Why do remnants make me so happy? Perhaps it hearkens back to my childhood days of Mom's cast-off scraps from sewing projects, which I was then allowed to use as costume pieces for my dolls, but I enjoy shiny pretty scrappy things-- at least in this case, cotton scrappy things. Polyester scraps have to be REALLY freaking pretty to pass muster.

Ended up spending the whole day OUT. There was an Asian store my partner in crime wanted to explore for the purpose of practice swords, but they didn't have what he was looking for (I may have discovered an unhealthy addiction, though. The store sells kimono, complete with obi.). Then we went to the Halloween store, because we are strange unearthly siblings separated by birth and love a good costume... We spent most of the time exclaiming over the pathetic insanity that comes pre-packaged for $19.99.

There was a money boa. You know. Like a feather boa?
Only it was made out of fake money.

There was a completely separate costume in another section of the store that featured the money boa as an accessory.

But then.

There was a licensed American McGee's Alice costume.

Gasp. :D

Granted, the costume was by Leg Avenue and likely poses as a semi-marketing tool for the new game (Welcome back, Alice!), but oh how it did my heart glad to see her up there on the wall, lovely and blood-spattered amongst her candy-puff sisters.

Sadly there were no accompanying costumes for the Cheshire Cat or other denizens of Alice's twisted world after the fire. Now THAT would have been something!

Current Mood: awake
Friday, October 8th, 2010
8:12 pm
Was it only a week ago that I was preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse?

I think it was.

In case anyone was wondering, I lasted 50 minutes before committing double suicide with the only other person from our group who escaped the Parkour runner. I started from a face-down prone position (ie., on the ground), saw the Parkour guy burst into the shadows, and was up and out of there fast enough to outstrip the sole dude from our group in what was probably the fastest sprint of my life. I was already hiding before my teammate caught up with me, trying to share my hiding place...

Double suicide was our only option, I fear.

However, had it been a true zombie apocalypse, I might have brained him for trying to talk so soon after a zombie attack. As the quote goes: "You're a great friend, but if the zombies chase us, I'm tripping you."

Oh, OCTOBER. &hearts I have no idea what marvelous and varied plans you have in store for me, but I await them with pleasure!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, October 7th, 2010
7:59 am
For Thursday...
Note to Self:

You have a self-introductory paragraph due on Monday in pinyin. Do yourself a favor and write a paragraph with the characters as well; eventually you WILL have to learn simplified Chinese and this flipping back and forth through the pages during class to match characters in the dialogue is not helping you.

Also, 12th Night practice is this weekend. Write those verses and collude with the others in order to make something DIFFERENT from last year!

(Versions of this note put everywhere so I don't forget to check one key bit of paper and thereby forget the things I'm supposed to do.)

Current Mood: artistic
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